In Europe the construction sector absorbs 50% of raw materials and produces 35% of waste, this generates a high impact in terms of Carbon Footprint from extraction to the finished product during all stages of production.

Climate changes due to high emissions of climate-altering agents

Energy crisis caused by production rates with excessive fossil fuels

Consumption of virgin raw materials causing high damage to ecosystems

The construction sector produces 40% of global pollution and is responsible for:

39% of CO2 emissions dispersed into the atmosphere;

36% of the energy consumption derived from electrical sources;

50% for the extraction of virgin raw materials;

1/3 of drinking water consumption

The circular economy is no longer a need, it is a necessity


RECO2 is an innovative Cleantech startup operating in the green building sector.

Through a virtuous model of circular economy and a revolutionary patented production process, RECO2 is able to recover and transform various types of inorganic and inert secondary raw materials (including glass, ceramic processing waste, steel mill waste, etc.), into a ” wide range of functional innovative products for sustainable construction with a green footprint.

Our revolutionary production process represents our greatest strength, as it allows us to use temperatures below 80 ° C for the production of our products, with a consequent reduction in production costs (in terms, above all, of consumption of water and energy) of about 80% and CO2 emissions of over 90% compared to the average of conventional ceramic firing processes.

Therefore, in a perspective that combines innovation and sustainability, RECO2 presents itself as the best green solution for construction currently on the market.

Our solution

We believe that our products must contain the highest possible percentage of secondary raw materials. This is why we were able to create Vytreum®, the first flooring 100% eco-sustainable suitable for the most varied applications, both civil and industrial, both indoor and outdoor, up to street furniture and the most sophisticated design. Although widely customizable in terms of shape, color, size and thickness, Vytreum® is always made up of a percentage of secondary raw materials of no less than 95%, without ever compromising its functionality and characteristics.




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95% reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere thanks to the innovative entirely sustainable production process.

Reduction of energy consumption by over 80% compared to traditional and use of renewable energy only.

Use of up to 100% of recycled raw materials that make the process entirely circular.

Use of up to 100% of recycled raw materials that make the process entirely circular.

Innovation already awarded

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