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RECO2 is an innovative Cleantech startup operating in the greenbuilding sector through a virtuous circular economy model.
Thanks to a revolutionary (and patented) production process, RECO2 is able to reuse and transform different kinds of inorganic and inert secondary raw materials (such as glass, ceramic scraps, furnace slags, etc.) into a wide range of functional products with a green footprint for construction industry.
Our revolutionary production process represents our greatest strength, as it allows us to use temperatures below 100 ° C to realize our products, with a consequent reduction in production costs (especially in terms of water/energy consumption) of around 80% and in CO2 emissions of around 90% if compared to an average conventional ceramic firing processes.
Therefore, by combining innovation and sustainability, RECO2 represents the best green building solution currently on the market.



Vytreum è un materiale ceramico interamente realizzato a partire da materie prime seconde...

We believe that our top products should contain the highest possible percentage of secondary raw materials. This is why we created Vytreum ™, the first sustainable and eco-friendly flooring to be used for the most different applications (both civil and industrial, for interiors and/or exteriors, for street furniture and/or artistic applications).
Although widely customizable in terms of shape, color, size and thickness, Vytreum ™ is always constituted by a percentage of secondary raw materials varying from 85% to 100%, without ever compromising its functionality and features.

  • eco glazes
  • colors
  • shapes
  • depth


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