Vytreum è  uno dei migliori prodotti del settore per rapporto qualità/prezzo. 

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Vytreum, entirely made from inert and inorganic secondary raw materials, is a ceramic material to be used as:

  • eco-sustainable floorings (both for indoor and outdoor)
  • urban renewal/furnishing
  • design applications.

Thanks to its specific weight content (about 1700 kg / m3) and its good mechanical / functional performance, Vytreum is one of the best greenbuilding products in terms of cost-effectiveness.

Furthermore, Vytreum’s production strongly contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and to the exploitation of virgin raw materials (compared to its direct competitors).

Vytreum can be highly customized in terms of shape, size and thickness, thanks to our revolutionary production process that allows us to create custom molds through additive manufacturing (3D printing).

Moreover, thanks to a strategic partnership with a manufacturer of ecological cold enamels, Vytreum can be made in more than 350 different colors!


  • Facile da posare

  • Facile da pulire

  • Ecologico

  • Resistenza a rottura

  • Resistenza al gelo

  • Resistenza alla flessione

  • Resistente alle macchie

  • Resistenza all'abrasione

  • Antiscivolo


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