Think circular!

Our revolutionary “Clean Technology” production process consists of a cold chemical transformation (at temperatures below 100 °C) of by-products and secondary raw materials occurring by means of an unharmful activating solution (the core of our industrial patent).

Conventional ceramic firing processes are slow, economically and ecologically inconvenient. Moreover, they involve the use of high quantities of virgin raw materials and thermal/electrical energy.

With our technology, thanks to an accurate optimization of the selected secondary raw materials, it is possible to give to our final products many different features in terms of surface appearance, color, shape and functional performance.


 I principali punti di forza del processo RECO2 sono:

fino al 100%
di materie prime

energia termica 
ridotta ~80% 
rispetto i processi 

la riduzione di 

costi in bolletta

accensione e spegnimento forni più rapido

– up to 100% of reused secondary raw materials

– extreme customization in terms of shape, colour and dimensions

– true economic and ecological sustainability

– CO2 emissions reduction of more than 90%

– Energetic costs reduction of around 80%

– Water consumption reduction of around 95%

– Highest process temperatures below 100°C

– Each m3 of VytreumTM allows us to reuse up to 1,7 tons of secondary raw materials

– Lean Production

– Production scraps below 2%