Think circular!

RECOlution has begun with a simple idea of its 4 founders.

Later on, this idea materialised with our first patent that allows us to produce a wide range of ceramic materials for greenbuilding.

Since the last few decades, great efforts have been done to produce functional materials containing the highest possible percentage of recycled raw materials. Recycled glass can be considered as one of the possible candidate to be used in new productions. However, even if an effective glass collection grid has been implemented in many cities, its potential has yet to be exploited. Apart from glass, then, a wide range of industrial byproducts (both inert and inorganic) is daily wasted or used just as low-value filler.

Keeping in mind these facts, we tried to overcome them and we realized a wide range of greenbuilding materials that are both cheap and mechanically high-performing.


 I principali punti di forza del processo RECO2 sono:

fino al 100%
di materie prime

energia termica 
ridotta ~80% 
rispetto i processi 

la riduzione di 

costi in bolletta

accensione e spegnimento forni più rapido

1.      Reuse and recycle up to 100% of secondary raw materials and/or industrial inert byproducts.

1 m3 of Vytreum recycles about 500 kg of furnace slags and 1 ton of recycled glass.

2.      Save 70%-90% of primary energy thanks to our very low treating temperature (T<100°C) compared to the conventional ceramic processes (T>1000°C).

3.      Drastically reduce CO2 and greenhouse gases emissions up to 90%.

Moreover, by using LGP furnaces working at low temperatures and with electric energy, it is possible to be independent from natural gas and fossil fuels, thus saving up to 80% of the energy bill.

Another example of the advantages of using those kind of furnaces is related to their quick startup times (slightly more than 1h versus more than 1 day of the conventional ceramic furnaces).